What makes us unique?

Founded on the principles of equitable access for all, we combine years of trading, customer success and risk management experience with best in class deliverability to reach our world wide audience.

About TradersColo

TradersColo provides coverage of the financial markets and delivers insightful perspectives to a global readership spread out over 150 countries in English, Spanish, Chinese, Arabic, Portuguese and Indonesian Bahasa.

Launched in 2011, traderscolo.com, the premier trading research, tools and news information portal from CITT Services, is the best source of information for traders in the Forex, Crytpocurrency, Digital Assets, Futures, Stocks and Bond markets.

The research team at TradersColo provides 24 hour coverage of the financial markets, in over 5 asset classes and 200+ instruments in multiple languages. Our coverage includes detailed technical, fundamental and economic analysis along with live webinars explaining the issues driving today’s markets.

Mission Statement:

Our goal at TradersColo is to empower communities across the globe to improve their knowledge of the financial markets. Lack of access to quality financial education remains the primary driver of disparities between the haves and the have nots. The financial knowledge of an individual has myriad effects on socioeconomic status of their families and their local communities. With the digital future ahead of us, we can leave the old differences behind.