August 26, 2020

BTCMXN Regains Strength

Bitcoin’s relative strength index has increased from 46 to 50% in the last two trading sessions, it is currently right […]
August 5, 2020

USDMXN on a Downtrend

The Mexican peso took some room over the USd in the previous trading session and it looks like this downtrend […]
August 5, 2020

BTCMXN Regains Ground

Bitcoin as many other cryptocurrencies have been very volatile in the last few weeks, we see that BTC has recovered […]
July 23, 2020

BTCMXN on a Winning Streak

For the third consecutive session, Bitcoin has closed the day with earnings, the movement ranges have been very consistent making […]
July 16, 2020

Is This a Clear Path for BTCMXN?

I would say no actually. The chart does not review too many signals, however, using two peaks to build a […]
July 14, 2020

BTCMXN Trades Close to Support Level 205,466

We see that Bitcoin is getting closer to its support after a previous trading session where it lost almost 5,000 […]